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JASON BOWES, Bowes Construction, Inc.


A little information about myself, I was born here in Brookings in 1972.  I have lived here all my life, except for a four year tour in the United States Marine Corps.  I grew up in the aggregate and construction industry and felt if I was ever going to try something else I should do it after highschool or I probably never would.  In the USMC I did all my training in the San Diego and Camp Pendleton area, then my first duty station was in Diego Garcia for a one year tour.  After that I was sent back to a unit at Camp Pendleton, CA, for the remainder of my tour.  Our unit did go over sees to Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Perth Australia, back to Japan, and ultimately back to California. 

Fortunately, we never saw any combat action.  We did a lot of training and interacting with local authorities of other countries.  My military experience has been a huge foundation for the leadership I provide to our company every day.  When my four year term was up, I was anxious to return home to my family and friends and begin to be productive.

  After returning home in the fall of 1994, I was immediately put to work with the family business of Bowes Construction Inc.  The company had grown while I was gone and I had to learn the new things we were doing.  My capabilities had grown also and my Dad put them to use right away.  I have had the opportunity to work all over the state of South Dakota and I have not found a community that compares to Brookings.  Brookings is definitely second to none when I comes to quality of life.  That is a reflection of the people that live in Brookings and work hard everyday to make everything work for the good of all.  In 2012, Lyle and Marcia Bowes sold Bowes Construction Inc. to Miranda


Peterson and myself, at which time I became the President of Bowes Construction Inc. and Miranda became the Vice President.  Since then, along with running a large, diverse company, we have been involved in many different community activities like Vision Brookings, SDSU Booster club, and many others. 


    My wife RaeAnn and I have three sons, Cole Schneider, Logan and Jaxon Bowes.  Cole is going to start his senior year at SDSU and graduate next spring with a degree in construction management.  Logan is going to SDSU in the fall to study Aviation.  Logan competed for the Brookings Bobcats in wrestling and football and had a great career in both.  Jaxon is going to start his sophomore year at Brookings Highschool.  He too competes in wrestling and football.  We want all of the BHS athletes to have the best opportunity to succeed as we can possibly give them.  The main thing we can give is our time and support.


Go Bobcats!!

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